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Canoo subscription-only EV

We live in an era when consumers starting to prefer having an ultimate experience rather than ownership of things, it makes sense for companies to shift their business model and offer subscription services as an alternative. Californian startup Canoo has just unveiled its first vehicle under the same name. The company intends to build the full EV in 2021, then offer it in a subscription-only programme which a monthly fee covers all costs including insurance, registration, maintenance, and charging.

Penned by Richard Kim, the designer behind BMW i3 and i8, theCanoo is rather boxy and streamlined, with the front and the rear are pretty similar. Inside, there are ample seats with the curved bench and jump seats behind the front seats. Part of the bench can be folded down to allow more space for cargo, and the front seats can rotate and face the back. The company mentions they are trying to equip the car with fully autonomous driving technology, including seven cameras, five radars, and 12 ultrasonic sensors to understand the road situations. Yet a rectangular-shaped steering wheel and pedals are still present in the cabin. Canoo is powered by a 300 hp electric motor and has a range of 250 miles thanks to the 80 kWh battery pack.