Modern-Day Menace
Alfa Romeo Stradale 33 Visione concept

Back in the late sixties, Alfa Romeo developed one of the most beautiful cars ever conceived. As the road-going version of the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 racing prototype, the 33 Stradale debuted in 1967 was designed by the legendary Franco Scaglione, with only 18 examples built by Carrozzeria Marazzi in its two years of production. Recently, a group of designers created a tribute, dubbed the “Stradale 33 Visione”, that brings the beloved classic into the present.

Rendered in 3D, the concept celebrates the beauty of the original Stradale 33, as well as the era when the design and engineering of a car were handled by the same person. The creators of the Stradale 33 Visione believe this combining of roles can maximise the performance and aesthetics of a car, and the Stradale 33 does its best to illustrate that.

The concept stays true to the original with its overall silhouette and stunning proportions. The most eye-catching aspect is clearly the updated greenhouse-like transparent roof and engine cover, showcasing the rear-centre-positioned V8 engine. The LED headlights and taillights bring us back to modernity, while video cameras have replaced rear-view mirrors on each side. Centre-lock wheels and quad tailpipes complete the exterior of the concept, leaving us to wonder how the team would create an interior to match.