Mobile Powered Workbench
Cake Ösa

Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer Cake has launched a utility vehicle for their second project. The Ösa might not have the most extraordinary power or look, but it’s a novelty to use an off-road bike as a mobile power bank and a workbench.

The Ösa is built around the large grey bar, which is part of the frame and at the same time serves as the basis of the modular clamp-on system. With additional clamp-on, it easy for the owner to attach baskets, bags, tabletop, tools and more for getting extra storage and building the same bike into different configurations according to the purpose of their journey. Together with the powerful battery pack with multiple outlets, the rider could use the motorbike for meetings and presentations, doing craftwork, cooking food during camping, hosting a DJ gig outdoor, etc. The high capacity battery option offers 50 Ah and can be paired with a power converter for supporting heavy electric tools via 110/220V standard power outlet. It takes around three hours to fully charge the battery and it offers 100 km of range. While the speed of the bike is not the main concern here, the Ösa still has a top speed of 100 km/h.

The Ösa is priced at €6,500 up and delivery can be expected to start from March 2020.