Mobile Extension Of Hotel Room
Autonomous Travel Suite

There are plenty of transportation options when travelling intercity in a geographically vast country like the United States. The method with the shortest journey time definitely is taking a plane, but the time spend on check-in and waiting could be uncertain at times. Aprilli Design Studio from Los Angeles has come up with the Autonomous Travel Suite concept that doesn’t really shorten the travel time on the road, instead it offers a nice environment that allows travellers fully utilise the time on the road.

The Autonomous Travel Suite is basically a driverless mobile pod that features the basic amenities of a hotel room: bed, writing desk, a couple of seats, mini bar and a washroom. Smart glass is used for the windows so there is no issue on privacy. It takes the traveller from its home to the Autonomous Hotel branch in the destination city, then the mobile unit would dock and extend into a bigger parent suite. Other facilities such as gym, meeting rooms, etc would be available inside the hotel. The concept is one of the three finalists in the 2018 Radical Innovation Awards so hopefully the recognition would lead to proper exploration and development of the concept.