Mini Time Machine
Playmobil 'Back to the Future' set

Playmobil has announced a new toy collection for Back to the Future at the New York Comic-Con. While the company has previously released figures of Doc Brown and Marty McFly, one of the new sets will include a miniature of the DeLorean time machine for the very first time.

Three Back to the Future Playmobil kits will be available on May 2020. The hero kit is great for recreating scenes from the movie as it includes the DeLorean DMC-12 time machine, Marty McFly and his skateboard, Doc Brown and his dog Einstein and accessories such as remote control and plutonium case for time travelling. The second set features Doc and Marty figures in their 1955 look and comes with a newspaper and a guitar respectively. Playmobil will also release a six-inch figure set of the 1985 Doc and Marty to complete the collection. It’s unsure whether they are limited editions but still highly collectable for fans of the film as well as DeLorean.