Meet The Classics
Pininfarina exhibits six prototypes in Turin this June

With the Parco Valentino Turin Auto Show taking place 6 -10 June, Pininfarina is bringing out six of its historic prototypes to the famous city.

The Italian company will present four cars at the Auto Show itself, mostly representing the collaboration between Pininfarina and Ferrari that began seven decades ago. Firstly, the 1969 Ferrari Sigma Grand Prix was a show car for Formula 1 that introduced an inspiring silhouette for motorsport that we still see in the present day. More recent joint-creations, the 1989 Ferrari Mythos and the 2013 Ferrari Sergio can also be found in the show. The last machine is a 1957 Lancia Florida II that features stylish elements that influenced production cars heavily in the following years.

Outside of the Turin Auto Show, the 1978 Jaguar XJS prototype finally has a chance to hit the road. It will be parading through the streets during the Supercar Night Parade, driven by none other than company’s current President Paolo Pininfarina alongside over 300 supercars coming from all over Italy. Lastly, the futuristic 2008 Sintesi concept car will also be displayed at Caselle airport until 12 June.