Mars Habitat For The Earth
Tera by AI SpaceFactory

AI SpaceFactory’s Marsha was the winner project of NASA’s “Centennial Challenge” earlier on this year. Created as a Mars habitat, it has a unique vertically oriented, egg-like shape for maintaining a small footprint. Yet, it still offers four levels of living space and aims to optimised the health of the space crew. Now AI SpaceFactory has transformed this interesting concept into a resort house named Tera and it’ll be open for public booking soon.

Situated in the woods two hours by train from New York City, Tera might have a futuristic appearance but it blends in pretty well with the nature surroundings. Unlike many other buildings on this planet, Tera is built from a 3D-printed biopolymer basalt composite, a material developed from crops which is recycled and biodegradable. The project aims to challenge the massive waste of materials in the building industry and is setting an example of what comes from the earth can return to the earth. The opportunity of staying at Tera will first be available to early backers for accommodation and educational purposes. It will then open to the public as an Airbnb.