Luxurious Survival Or Tone-Deaf Appropriation?
Chanel’s Boomerang

An image posted on US make-up artist Jeffree Star‘s Instagram of Chanel’s new boomerang, listed under “Other Accessories” category in its Spring/Summer Series 2017, has created some seriously heated discussion online.

The boomerang is made of wood and resin, and costs around US$2,000. There are of course indigenous Australians criticising it as a cultural appropriation, saying that the boomerang was once a tool for hunting and survival and an part of aboriginal culture. Staff at the Australian Museum also pointed out that the price of the boomerang is almost 10% of the average annual income of Indigenous Australians. The counter argument predictably comes from the “relax, bro, it’s just a boomerang” train of thought.

No matter who is right on this one, Chanel has stated that they are “extremely committed to respecting all cultures and regrets that some may have felt offended”, while stopping short of removing the product from its online stores – no doubt the controversy will only increase interest in the once-obscure product.

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