Lit With Subtlety
Bangkok Phosphors by Cody Ellingham

When talking about Bangkok it usually reminds people of its lovely sunshine and hot weather, as well as the magnificent temples all over the city and occasionally the not so appealing traffic during peak hours, yet New Zealand photographer Cody Ellingham saw the other side of Bangkok that is seldom found on travel guides or postcards. In his latest photographic series Bangkok Phosphors, Ellingham has uncovered the nocturnal charm hidden in the Thai capital.

As explained by Ellingham, “The Phosphors are not pure tones, but more like the afterglow of old television, burnt-out and grainy, subtle but at the same time piercing.” If you have experienced Bangkok at night you would probably agree on Ellingham’s word choice on the title. There are plenty of buildings especially in the city centre of Bangkok, yet the cityscape is not overwhelmed by bright neon signs as seen in Tokyo or Hong Kong. Together with a great variety of architecture, the city is beautiful and enchanting with its own uniqueness.

Ellingham took these photos during his trip on July 2019. He’s planning to release a limited edition photobook under the same title and the project can be found on Kickstarter until 29 September.