Liquid Glacial by Zaha Hadid
The constant strive for a new level creativity.

Presenting innovative designs which goes against traditional norms, the Vitra Fire Station in Germany became the first career milestone for Zaha Hadid, the architect who has founded her own architectural firm in 1980 and later became the first female winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004. Confirming her stance in the industry of architecture with unique personal style of geometric shapes and flowing lines, she has once said that “There is no future without curves.”

Putting her ideas down into practice, she has expanded from being in the field of architecture into the fields of furniture and fashion. Collaborating with art gallery David Gill Gallery ever since 2007, they have created a variety of refreshing furniture designs, including this “Liquid Glacial” coffee table which we see here. Imitating the appearance of a melting glacier, the scene of swirling water freezing into icicles has been depicted with this static object, offering such a mind blowing surreal visual. The clear surface also refracts light into simmering ripples. Each of these miniature creations carries the designer’s constant strive for a new level creativity.