Limited Run Tools
Smoked Garage x Tekiro Tools

Although it’s normally established bike brands expanding from Australia into Bali — like Deus Ex Machina, for example — innovative custom tuner Smoked Garage has done just the opposite by taking a leap outside of its home island of Bali and expanding into Brisbane after receiving international recognition for its custom builds.

As an established brand, Smoked Garage gets involved in interesting crossover projects from time to time, and the latest one is a toolbox with fellow Balinese company Tekiro Tools. The limited-run SMOKED RAC-08 mechanic toolbox is based on the original 59-piece toolset from Tekiro Tools. The steel tools are now plated in gold, all tucked in nicely in dedicated trays. The toolbox’s exterior is finished in a sleek black, with the Tekiro and Smoked Garage logos on the lid. Tools include spanners, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, and more.

Although the limited-run toolset is no longer available on Smoked Garage’s online store, contacting the company directly might still prove fruitful.