Light Weight Custom Racers
Honda e-Drag and N-One K-Climb

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, the 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon has been transformed into a virtual event. Luckily that hasn’t stopped automotive brands showcasing exciting new models, with Honda being one of them. The automaker has unveiled not just one but two custom-built concepts for the virtual event, and it intends to have them completed by March in time for the motorsport season.

The first is the e-Drag, based on the Honda e City EV. Like all drag race cars, speed is the main focus for the e-Drag. That’s why Honda has stripped the stock car stripped of all unnecessary parts and replaced the remaining components with carbon fibre-reinforced polymer. So far, only the roof has been replaced, but the plan will extend to the bumper, hood, fender and more, all created as a single piece of moulded body panel. An extensive roll cage and Kirkey bucket seats have been added, and 17×7-inch NSX wheels replace the small factory items.

The K-Climb, as the name suggests, is a hill climb racer built using the new Honda N-One RS kei car as a base. The Honda team has worked hard on the K-Climb’s suspension set up in order to enhance the car’s stability and agility. Again, special body parts are tailor made with the aim of reducing weight and improving aerodynamics, including carbon front and rear bumpers, grille, and hood. The K-Climb also features an HKS centre-exit exhaust muffler and 15-inch wheels paired with sticky Yokohama Advan rubber.