Life On Mars
‘MARS Case’ by Open Architecture

House Vision project was founded and curated by Kenya Hara for showcasing innovation ideas dedicated to future living environments and lifestyles through the lens of house, displaying concepts from architects, industrial designers, mobility companies and more. Its third and latest exhibition has been moved from Tokyo to Beijing, with ten new collaborative concepts conceived between different creative forces. One of them is ‘MARS Case’ by Open Architecture, a minimal housing concept imagining human being left with no choice but to live on Mars.

The force migration means we have to learn to live a minimal life and forget about our previous lifestyle. MARS Case is a compact, lightweight and portable 2.4 x 2.4 x 2 metre module for future self-circulating energy and zero waste, with an inflatable and foldable “living bubble” as an easy extension for extra living area.

The concept is collaborated with Chinese electronics company Xiaomi, and aims to integrate Xiaomi’s wirelessly connected and smartphone controlled electronic appliances into a ecosystem within the home. Heat, exhaust, condensation and other byproducts generated by electronic devices are harnessed and recycled for energy, air and water for minimised resources consumption. While the detailed methodology is not explained, MARS Case still provokes viewers’ to think about what our essential needs are for living. China House Vision runs until 6 November outside The National Stadium in Beijing.