Legend Goes Electric
Everrati x Superformance Ford Electric GT40

Superformance has been around since 1994 as an official supplier of reproduction 1960s-era component sports cars including Cobras, Corvettes, and the legendary GT40. The best thing about this California-based manufacturer is that, unlike most tuners and replica kit car manufacturers, all vehicles built by Superformance are under license from their official trademark holders, which means authenticity and value are guaranteed.

In an effort to step well and truly into the twenty-first century, the company is now teaming up with Everrati to create an electrified version of the iconic GT40. Everrati was founded in Oxfordshire just two years ago, restoring automotive masterpieces and replacing each car’s traditional combustion engine with a custom-designed electric powertrain while retaining its original character.

The development of the electric-powered GT40 is already well underway, but not much information surfaced as of the time of publication, except that a prototype chassis has been built. Currently, Everrati is working on the adaptation of the electric propulsion at its headquarters in Upper Heyford. Car enthusiasts can rest assured that key aspects such as the battery location, weight distribution, and character of the original GT40 will be maintained for the electrified version, as in other Everrati conversions. That’s all the info we have on this interesting collaboration for now, but this is one project we’ll be keeping a close eye on.

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