Keep It Eco-Friendly
Timberland A/W 2020 Reimagine Waterproof

With many global environmental issues still left unresolved, many brands are starting to take more responsibility when it comes to producing conscious and sustainable products. Timberland first introduced its Earthkeepers Original boot in 2007 with its recycled and eco-conscious design, and now the brand is bringing it back with an even more innovative approach.

Each item from the Earthkeepers Edition (EK+) footwear and apparel autumn/winter 2020 collection is made either using materials sourced from regenerative-practicing farms, made with renewable natural materials sourced from responsibly managed farms, or made with 100% recycled materials. To keep it short, all items are produced with a vision of minimising the impact on the environment, paving the way for the brand to achieve a net positive impact on the earth by 2030.

The Ecoriginal EK+ 6″ waterproof boots are the highlight of the new collection. Designed by Creative Director Christopher Raeburn, they feature military-style straps, camouflage prints, and quilted technical weaves. They are also made using Better Leather — sourced from environmentally responsible tanneries — and Responsible Natural Rubber, which is produced without contributing to rainforest deforestation, while their TimberDry waterproof lining is made using 50% recycled plastic. 

The Waterproof Fishtail Parka features a TimberDry waterproof lining and ReBOT fabric shell made from 100% recycled plastic, while the zippers and trims are also made from recycled materials. Other styles in the collection include fleece bomber jackets, sweatshirts, 100% recycled cotton tees, quilted bottoms and cargo pants in both menswear and womenswear.