Jumping Through Space
Wisdom x GOOPiMADE “Bleem Exists”

Wisdom and GOOPiMADE – two functional clothing brands from Taipei – once again collaborate after the sold-out collection this summer. With a futuristic theme, the two brands just released the latest limited collection titled Bleem Exists.

The collection is inspired by sci-fi short film The Secret Number, which tells the story of a psychiatrist being compelled by his patient, an obsessive mathematician, as he was told a secret integer named ‘bleem’ exists between three and four. The mathematician believes that people are unaware of different time and space dimensions, and it is through jumping between different dimensions that humans can uncover the nature of reality.

The functional collaboration consists of interestingly titled items such as Time Traveller 3D parka and Time Traveller 3D parka, both are made of nylon with Teflon water-resistant coating and features plenty of pockets for the military/utility aesthetic. The collection also features more casual items such as hoodie and tee with special graphics to complete the look. Bleem Exists collection is available at select shop 432hz and the pieces are selling out fast.