Juicy Inspirations
Hello Cousteau Helmets

If you are a big fan of F1 and at the same time regard yourself as a creative person, perhaps you have thought of designing a series of brightly-colored helmets? Hello Cousteau Helmets is displaying creativity that may inspire your own personally-related themes.

To better explain the concepts behind each design, Cousteau provides captions for each helmet. You’ll immediately notice that many designs are homages to F1 racing greats or renowned automobile manufacturers. One of the most recognizable redesigns is for Cousteau’s favourite F1 driver, Graham Hill, and the yellow-and-white-themed design symbolising the 80’s Renault F1 team. Also included are his designs featuring the iconic Red Bull symbol blending into a bright background, and attractive designs for Ducati and Yamaha fans utilising vintage elements.

Additionally, Cousteau’s creativity extends far beyond racing, encompassing such design themes as Cookie Monster, Pac-Man and a drawing of his one-and-a-half-year-old son. His portfolio demonstrates how he chooses to make each of the AGV Corsa/Pista helmets so memorable, playful and unique!