Intelligent Upgrade
Apple iOS 10

As expected, Apple did not release any hardware updates at the recent WWDC 2016 conference, choosing instead to focus on its iOS 10 mobile system upgrade and the significantly increased role of Siri.

Apple’s smart assistant now supports third-party applications and is opened to all developers. For instance, when iOS10 arrives this fall, we can use it to deliver WhatsApp messages or call Uber. Further, Siri can also provide the user’s GPS location for messaging, which profoundly enhances the app’s intelligent functionality.

There is also the all new lockscreen interface. Picking up an iPhone from a flat surface will automatically turn it on, eliminating the unlocking process to send messages, input calendar memos and so on. Further, the 3D Touch menu no longer just allows quick access to certain functions; instead, it will display the person who has sent the most unread emails, the latest exercise records, real-time sports scores and other useful information. Apple also enhanced the caller identification function. When suspicious calls are received, the number will be tagged with the word “Spam”. If the incoming call is from WhatsApp or another non-telephone calling platform, the lockscreen will display its related source, making it easier for a user to identify the calling party.

Apple’s iOS10 will empower users who have minimum storage capacity with the “Optimise Storage” option. Users can select how much capacity they wish to reserve for non-music files; as an example, music files that have not been played lately can be either automatically deleted or transferred to iCloud. Finally, Apple updates HomeKit for iOS10 with an independent “Home” button that controls all of your HomeKit devices, so you can adjust the brightness of lamps, set air conditioning levels, and lock or open doors remotely.