Intelligent Patrolling
Knightscope K7 autonomous security robot

Keeping the city crime-free requires effort from every citizen especially those who’s work is to protect the city day and night by patrolling quiet areas. The work of a  security guards require them to work late at night and often in a group to ensure the safety of their coworkers. The developement of robots equipped with artificial intelligent could enhance our city’s safety and human limitations. Knightscope Inc. has been developing autonomous security robots over the pass few years, and vehicle-such as the K7 is the most powerful one in the lineup thus far. 

The autonomous four-wheeled robot is designed for multi-terrain applications and potentially could be used for patrolling airports, prisons, large corporate campuses, power utility substations, and solar and wind farms. K7 is supported with LiDAR, sonar, GPS, thermal imaging, license plate recognition and people detection for doing its job. With a 57.5-inch height, weighing 770 pounds and having the ability to not just detect but also predict crime, it surely ruin the game for law-breakers.