Independent Bespoke Speedster
Bussink Mercedes-AMG GT R SpeedLegend

In recent years we’ve seen renaissance in specialist speedster models from automakers – think the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2, the McLaren Elva, and others. Despite a long history in speedsters, including the fairly recent Stirling Moss Mercedes Maclaren SLR, the German manufacturer has yet to jump on the windscreen and roof-less revival train. Fear not though, as a product designer from Germany has created one using the current Mercedes-AMG GT R.

The GT R SpeedLegend is the brainchild of Roland A. Bussink. The product designer has partnered with another German company, HWA AG, in order to build the car. Founded by Hans-Werner Aufrecht, HWA AG in fact has a strong connection with Mercedes, as founder Aufrecht was also one of the founders of AMG.

The speedster is inspired by the aforementioned Mercedes-McLaren SLR Stirling Moss speedster and Mercedes Formula 1 cars, with the carbon fibre “Speedbow” feature looking not far from the halo seen on modern F1 cars. The louvres on the front fenders are functional, of course, but also add a huge dollop of aggression to the look of the car. With the roof removed, the GT R SpeedLegend is 100 kg less than the original car. The standard 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 can be kept stock, or can be boosted from 577 hp to 850 hp.

Only five examples of Bussink GT R SpeedLegend will be built, and, of course, each is already spoken for.

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