Iconic Cinquecento
Lego Fiat 500 by saabfan

As a Lego fan as well as an automotive fan, what product have you been expecting lately? We have a worthwhile suggestion and its waiting for your vote awaiting for your click; the Fiat 500 F. Manufactured from 1957 to 1975, the iconic “Cinquecento” is commonly regarded as the first city car.

From the video, we see that the highly detailed Fiat 500 F is composed of 1,157 pieces, including   neatly rounded edges, openable doors and trunk, a sunroof that can open or close, its tiny engine and nice looking license plates. You’ll even find adjustable pedals and seats in the passenger compartment, a spare wheel and even a little suitcase with a glass and a bottle inside.

If you want to have a Fiat 500 F to be the complement to your Lego VW Beetle and Mini Cooper at home, you’ll need to go to the Lego Ideas project page and vote for it now! Without enough support, this amazing Cinquecento will forever remain just a pipe dream.