No Airport Required

After years of development, the ICON A5 light-sport wheeled seaplane is finally a reality with the first examples ready for delivery in September 2017. ICON Aircraft aims to ramp-up to full production of the A5 next year.

Designed by Klaus Tritschler, former Creative Director of BMW Group Designworks for over 15 years, the featherweight aircraft has a car-like cockpit for two and weighs just 685 kg. The A5 can be easily parked in your garage and towed behind a regular SUV to different locations, meaning there’s no airport required. It’s powered by a fuel injected 100 horsepower Rotax 912iS Sport engine for a better efficiency and incredibly simple operation in all conditions with a maximum speed of 109 mph up to 15,000 feet and a range of 427 nautical miles.

Thanks to the A5’s compact size and its folding wings, you can easily park the aircraft in your garage; it takes one person just two minutes to deploy the folding wings before embarking on their next adventure. The ICON A5’s SeaWings platform provides stability on the water and small storage compartments. Significantly, should the platform tips become damaged, they can be removed and replaced in a matter of minutes. Safety comes built in thanks to ICON’s Spin-Resistant Airframe, Angle of Attack Indicator and Complete Airplane Parachute. A Garmin ‘796’ GPS system ensures a precise heading every time.