Hyper Skateboard Concept
Tag Heuer Electric Board

A functional flying hoverboard has been a long-time dream for our generation, however, that technology is not mature enough to launch a product to the mass market; indeed until now most of the revealed designs have only been concepts or at the testing stage, so “walking on air” will have to wait. In comparison, the development of electric skateboards has been far more promising, as we now see self-balancing scooters everywhere, and regarding practicality and convenience in real life, it is quite obviously better than the futuristic flying hoverboards.

Geun Pack, a student from the Sejong Campus of Hongik University in South Korea, has completed a prototype for a Tag Heuer electric skateboard design project. This amazing skateboard can reach a top speed of 60 mph (97 km/h), with a range of 35 miles (56 km) between charges, allowing it to satisfy any transportation need from commuting to simply strolling around in town. The prototype has a regenerative braking system capable of providing a smooth and firm response to slow from high speed without being thrown off of the board. It utilises a remote control featuring an easy-to-read LED interface that allows the rider to control speed and braking with an ergonomic thumb-wheel. There is even a thoughtful built-in compartment on the deck for storing the remote control when the board is not in use.

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