Honouring The Legend
'Michael 50' opens at Ferrari Museum

‘Michael 50’, the exhibition honouring everything Michael Schumacher officially opens its doors to the public on 3 of January — the racing legend’s 50th birthday. Fans of Schumacher and Scuderia can join this special occasion and see everything that Schumacher  has brought to Ferrari at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

The German Formula 1 champion still holds an unbreakable record –  7 world titles, 91 victories and 155 podiums, and his 11-year story with Ferrari is carried through the various displays inside the museum.

The Hall of Victories showcases some of the most important Scuderia race cars driven by Schumacher, ranging from the 1996 F310 which he gained the three GP victories during his first season with the marque, to the F399 that won the Constructors’ title in 1999. Then there’s the F1-2000 of the legendary ‘Alba Rossa’ (‘Red Dawn’) at Suzuka where Schumacher secured Ferrari its first world title since Jody Scheckter 21 years before, as well as the record-breaking F2002 and F2004, and the 248 F1 challenger in which he took his 72nd and final victory with Ferrari at the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix.

In additional to racing machines, the exhibition also highlights some of the road cars Schumacher worked on as a developer, including the 430 Scuderia in 2007 and the 2008 California.

The exhibition runs alongside  ‘Driven by Enzo’ and ‘Passion and Legend’ in the museum and will be on for a few months. Schumacher fans can drop by and pay a tribute to the great driver if you happen to be in Maranello.