Honouring Napkin Sketches
Joshua Vides' "Reality to Idea" Exhibition in LA

Streetwear artist Joshua Vides has just wound up his “Reality to Idea” exhibition in Los Angeles. He is known for transforming real-life objects into simple, black and white sketches.

One of the eye-catching highlights from the exhibition was a 1995 Acura NSX parked in the middle of the gallery but reimagined in the monochromatic phantasm provided by Vides alongside his signature cones and checkered flags mounted on the walls for added panache.

“The idea is to highlight the initial sketches of ideas and concepts, bringing them to life. An ode to the napkin sketch and a reminder to not throw your ideas away,” says Joshua Vides.

Although the exhibition ended this past weekend, you can still check out the Acura NSX in the gallery above.