Homage To The One-Off Racer
Ferrari 250 GT Breadvan Homage by Niels van Roij Design

Niels van Roij Design has been working on a project the pass months that would excite plenty of motorsport and retro car enthusiasts. The London-based design house is building a modern interpretation of Ferrari 250 GT Breadvan using a 550 Maranello. 

The original Breadvan was a one-off built for Scuderia Serenissima to compete against the new 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO at the 1962 Le Mans. To recreate the legendary car with boxy backside, Niels van Roij selected 550 Maranello as the donor car. The 550 Maranello has many similarities with the 250 GT — featuring a V12 engine at the front and being rear-wheel drive. While the design is still being finalised, the project is on the path of some good progress – the donor car has been deconstructed and ready to be fitted with all new body panels once the design is set. 

The design house aim to update the progress weekly on their website and social media channels. In the latest update, Roij is grouping the sketches developed in different stages to see what works and what doesn’t in different design themes. The project is still evolving, but the design house target to complete the car by the end of this summer.