Halo Car For The Future
Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

With the incorporation of eco-friendly concepts and ideas into the automotive world becoming more and more essential, it’s only natural to consider efficiency and range when buying a car in addition to the usual style and performance. Mercedes-Benz has just launched its latest concept car, the Vision EQXX, which is an all-electric machine that aims to meet the eco demands of the modern driver by taking electric range and efficiency to a new level.

Described as the halo car for the all-electric future, the Vision EQXX took just 1.5 years to develop and is the most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever envisioned. It has a range of over 1,000 km per charge and the battery pack is small enough to easily fit into the compact car, as only less than 10 kWh of power is required to be able to run 100 km. The car’s software plays a huge part in its impressive abilities, and the project is a joint effort between the marque’s research and development centres and Formula 1 and Formula E engineers.

The stunning compact vehicle is designed for road trips, and the overall design focuses on aerodynamics and a low curb weight. Sustainable recycled and plant-based materials are used to lower the carbon footprint, while incorporating 3D printing into the production process also helps reduce wastage.

Inside, the cabin looks futuristic with a one-piece display that spans the entire width of the vehicle and features responsive real-time graphics. The advanced technology of the user interface mimics the workings of the human brain to help the car and driver work together as one.