Gravity Powered Vantage
Aston Martin Unveiled New "Race Car" at The Red Bull Soapbox Race 2017

The Red Bull Soapbox Race 2017 was held at Alexandra Palace, London this past weekend. As a participating team, Aston Martin took the number two spot in the “24 Seconds of Le Ally Pally” race with their soapbox racing replica of the V-8 Vantage GTE endurance racing car.

Entrants were judged on speed, the creativity of design, and showmanship. While the actual V-8 Vantage GTE won its class at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, this miniature Vantage racer carried no powertrain and was driven by the automaker’s senior prototype engineer Alex Summers, with the help of the Le Mans-winning drivers Darren Turner and Johnny Adam.

A Red Bull soapbox racer obtains its speed solely from gravity, and races on a steep downhill course peppered with chicanes, jumps and berms that test its strength and the driver’s skill, making the race a “must see” for everyone.