Golden Age of Motorsport
Car Racing 1967 by Éditions Cercle d’Art

The 1960s was easily one of the most glorious periods in the history of motorsport. The competition was equally fierce back then, yet without relying on computers each team and driver would show their true colour much more openly and easily than now. The famous DPPI photo agency was found in 1965, capturing the exciting world of auto racing in black and while as well as early colour films.

The upcoming Car Racing 1967 photo book, featuring DPPI’s archive photos mostly unseen by the public, will soon be released by French publishing house Éditions Cercle d’Art. The book covers various racing events from Le Mans to Grands Prix, capturing the onsite spirit of legendary drivers and essential figures from different manufacturers. With comments from lifelong motorsport journalist Johnny Rives and DPPI’s very first photographer Manou Zurini, the anecdotes and knowledge delivered in Car Racing 1967 certainly come from the insiders’ angle and are as valuable and enjoyable as the photos themselves.

The 252-page photographic book will be available in March 2020. For those who couldn’t wait that long, check out the previously published Car Racing 1965 and Car Racing 1966 sharing the same sense of nostalgia.