Glossy Monochrome Design
Ressence Type 3 BBB

Ressence has brought us a few innovative timepieces that like no other watches. One of its signature models, Type 3, features a revolutionary oil-filled mechanical design with 35.7 ml of oil goes between the domed sapphire crystal top and dial, allowing best legibility of the dial. Ressence has just launched a special edition of Type 3 called Type 3 BBB that will only be produced in 2022.

The BBB in the name stands for ‘Black, Black, Black’, referencing the brand new monochromatic colourway of the watch. The 44 mm case is now made of grade 5 titanium with polished black DLC coating. All colours on Type 3 are gone, leaving just white and light grey markers and hands  on the black dial. The running seconds indicator on the original dial has been removed for a more minimalistic look, and the colour of the SuperLuminova is now green instead of blue. The strap has been updated too, the anthracite ‘honeycomb’ strap was previously seen on Type 2A but first time on a Type 3.

The mechanism of Type 3 BBB stays the same as the original. At the heart of it is the patented Ressence’s Orbital Convex System, featuring an ever-changing dial full of fluidity. The two-chamber system inside the the mechanical movement in the lower chamber to the oil-filled chamber at the top, while several micro-magnets connecting the modules together.  Once again the crown has been taken away to create a more streamlined appearance, while the tasks of winding and setting the dial are tackled on the monochromatic sapphire caseback.