Getting Smarter
Harman smart Fiat 500e

This year at CES 2019, a special concept based on the Fiat 500e was presented by Harman International, a Samsung subsidiary. Other than being a “cool” concept, the converted roadster comes with a special livery and wheels. It was mainly modified to showcase the company’s vision of smart vehicles in the future.

One of the highlighted features demonstrated on the Fiat 500e is the Personal Communication Zones. This resolves the confusion when voice commands such as Alexa or Siri are used simultaneously on different devices. It gives every occupant the freedom to simultaneously interact without hearing the music or sound from others thanks to the ClearChat function powered by microphones, echo cancellation and noise reduction algorithms.

The next highlighted feature is the Cabin Monitoring System that captures first-order biometric features of the driver, such as eye gaze, head position, and pupil diameter. The system also analyses the auditory content and heart or breathing rates. With the gathered data, the patented algorithms will work out the driver’s emotional and cognitive state and decide whether it is necessary for the autonomous driving system onboard to take over.

The self-driving system is supported by a suite of sensor technologies. The key sensor is the Camera Monitoring System capable of augmenting or even replacing physical mirrors. Three rear-facing cameras, corner radar, right and left sensors and more work as a package to facilitate blind spot monitoring, lane change assist, and rear collision warning. Together with the Forward Facing Camera helping on environment sensing and advanced perception algorithms, a complete 360-degree view can ensure a safe and secured onboard experience.