Gentle Hint Chair
A perfect demonstration of minimalism.

In the softly lit studio of Nissa Kinzhalina, there is a the 2-piece set “Gentle Hint Chair”. The entire structure is supported only with silver gray iron rods, with no traces of any excess embellishments, making it the perfect demonstration of minimalism.

Created with metal powder coating, it includes a bar stool and a dining table chair. Constructed with seamless iron bars, it acts not only as a supporting structure, but also a way to make the design look extra crisp and cool. Those who know of Nissa Kinzhalina would be familiar with his style of design, as seen through his “Urban Philosopher Chair” and “My Bird” body length mirror. Even though they all express a minimalist concept, the “Gentle Hint Chair” evidently plays more vividly on the idea. Apart from being a fully functional chair, the bar stool and the dining chair can also act as a small surface in the home. This is an attractive option for those who have smaller apartments, but is still wishing to purchase new furniture pieces.