Futuristic Curves
Alfa Romeo Glt Evo Concept

Alfa Romeo announced its five-year business plan last year, outlining a series of new models that will  include the successor of the 8C Competizione. While the wait continues as Alfa Romeo will need a few more years for it become real. The Italian automotive designer Matteo Gentile has created an imagined Alfa Romeo Glt Evo that shares the brand signature curves from the past while being futuristic.

The wide and low body and bulging wheel arches of Glt Evo remind us of the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale of the late 60s, but the large, V-shaped grille on the front is contemporary, and the huge air intakes at the base of the windshield and thin LED headlights just brings the style way beyond and into the future. Speaking of the windshield, it is in fact a unifying piece of glass that goes around towards the rear and sides, taking up the roles of glass bubble roof and side windows. More air intake can be found at the rear and the silhouette is completed with a very flat tail with thin taillights and a small trunk. The side mirrors are replaced by cameras like most futuristic concepts. It’s unusual to see the Alfa Romeo Glt Evo in the flesh but having something nearly as radical officially from the marque would be nice, even just as a concept.