Future Purpose-Built Vehicles
Hyundai Mobis M.Vision concepts

The annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the place to be if you’re wanting to see the latest tech-related products, and it’s not just TVs and smartphones either, with many automotive manufacturers also taking the opportunity to showcase their innovations. Hyundai Mobis — the parts and service division supporting Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia — is one such company that will be taking advantage of the CES event in Las Vegas to unveil two concepts of future purpose-built vehicles.

Produced under the M.Vision brand of Hyundai Mobis, the first concept is a self-driving electric vehicle called the M.Vision TO, which is a reference to going ‘toward’ the future. Built with a darkened exterior, the concept is equipped with cameras, radars, LiDARs, and e-corner modules for autonomous driving and steering, plus mixed reality displays integrated into the four pillars of the vehicle. It also features active aero flaps and a display of maps and destinations on the doors. The seats can be folded or rotated, making the vehicle more flexible in terms of its capacity. Judging by its setup, the M.Vision TO could serve well as an airport shuttle between gates or terminals among other usages.

The M.Vision HI, on the other hand, is designed for leisure and outdoor activities. Inside, it’s fitted with more luxurious seats, while the glass of the vehicle doubles as a display screen for watching movies or even online shopping. The additional gaze-assisted remote control technology on board allows passengers to utilise their vision as the controller without any physical button or intervention.

Hyundai Mobis will also debut 19 newly-developed mobility technologies at its CES booth, including a future cockpit integrated solution, LED grille lighting, and a hologram-augmented reality heads-up display — all things we may well see in future production vehicles.