Future Autonomous Race Car
N.01 Autonomous Race Car Concept

Roborace, the racing series that features solely autonomous electric cars, has been testing and previewing its development machines constantly over the last year, but the first proper Roborace has not yet taken place. Still, that hasn’t stopped designer Fernando Pastre Fertonani from NOI Design Studio creating a race car concept for the format.

Like all Roborace participants, the N.01 Autonomous Race Car Concept is a full autonomous car without the need of a driver. This special character leads to unlimited possibilities in terms of the car’s appearance and build. N.01’s smooth and sporty layout is powered by batteries in the middle and motors within the wheels. The body is fluid in shape and lies low, with extravagant covers hiding the wheels. The archetypical race car feature, the shark fin, is also found on N.01, while the rear of the car is left open.

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