Fun AI Companion
Anki Vector robot

There is a lot an AI-equipped robot can potentially do, such as be a helper at home or try its best to be human-like. For San Francisco based tech company Anki, they focus on making their robots fun. Their latest home robot, Vector, has a similar appearance as the previous generation Cozmo targeted to kids, but Vector is more has more functions and at the same time, more fun.

The cute little robot is Wi-Fi enabled and have basic, AI assistant features such as telling the weather, answering simple questions by searching online or setting a timer, but it is not as sophisticated as Amazon’s Alexa and it is not set out to be. It is more like a robotic pet as it has its own personality. It has numerous sensors for running around the house autonomously. It is always on and it will come to you when you call its name; when it is not needed it retreats back to its charging dock. Vector also responds to human touch thanks to the capacitive touch sensor built on the back. If you fancy a game of blackjack or some cheering up with a fistbump, Vector can entertain these too.

The project is available for pre-order on Kickstarter, and will be available in various markets starting from this October.