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M.A.D.Edition: M.A.D.1 watch

The exquisite and very exclusive timepieces from MB&F are coveted by watch connoisseurs worldwide, so you can imagine the reaction from enthusiasts when founder Max Büsser announced a new watch priced at just CHF 2000.

The M.A.D.1 isn’t technically an MB&F release, instead it has been released under the”M.A.D Edition” moniker in reference to the Geneva’s M.A.D.Gallery. The watch is still very much in the style of MB&F’s past creations, though, with an upside-down movement allowing placement of the titanium and tungsten rotor on top. There are also revolving hour and minute rings around the 42 mm steel case. With such attractive price point, it’s impossible for M.A.D.1 to feature a calibre created from scratch, therefore a Miyota movement was selected and modified by the in-house team in Geneva.

The stunning watch is only available to the “Friends” and “The Tribe” of MB&F – i.e. the suppliers and collaborators that help in creating MB&F timepieces and building the brand, as well as the existing MB&F collectors who are members of the owners club. However, Büsser has also announced that a modified version of the M.A.D.1 might be made available to a wider public in early 2022, so there’s always hope …

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