French Chic Connected
Coleen Electric Bicycle

The French company Coleen created a timeless and sleek electric bicycle designed for effortless travel inside the city.  It carries a minimalistic and elegant design that appeals to vintage lovers, purists, and people who appreciate beautiful pieces.

“The frame geometry takes its inspiration from that of the first ‘dandy-horses’ invented near the Avenue de Montaigne in Paris in 1861. It was the same geometry that in 1941  inspired Jean Prouvé to create a bike designed for the workers of France,” founders Audrey Lefort and Thibault Halm explain.

The Coleen electric bicycle is designed and manufactured entirely in France, including the less than 2.5 kg silent motor of 94% efficiency that delivers 50Nm of torque, the e-bike features a removable battery composed of 42 cells. A full charge only takes 2.5 hours and offers a range of over 100 km, while 80% charge is achieved in 1.5 hours. The lightweight bicycle features a carbon fibre frame and fork paired with leather saddle and grips and weighs just 18 kg. Coleen opts for a keyless ignition system fully controlled via smartphones, but there is also a screen to display mileage covered, battery level and speed. As chic as it looks, the most powerful version can surprisingly pedal for 45km/h.