French Bullet In Progress
Renault Zoe RS

Renault Sport first talked about the potential of creating a Zoe RS earlier this year. With a lightweight prototype built and the creation of the E-Sport concept which generates 460 hp and 640 Nm, it just shows that the Zoe RS is getting more likely to happen before 2020.

In an interview with Autocar, Renault Sport boss Patrice Ratti has ensured the brand’s direction moving forward. “We are thinking about doing a Zoe RS but it is a big study that will take time. The performance of batteries has improved [to the point] that it is now feasible, which certainly wasn’t the case a few years ago. So the studies have begun.”

He also said that a Renault Sport model needs to handle well. With the weight of the batteries it is a challenge for Zoe RS to achieve the agility an RS model should have. Additionally the current prototype could only be running for 15 minutes with battery limitations. It seems there are quite a few more steps to go through but at least the development is progressing.