Free Float Experience
Arctic Bath Floating Hotel

Those planning to visit Swedish Lapland for a northern lights experience early next year will have the opportunity to enjoy a floating hotel that will undoubtedly provide a whole new level of a vacation experience.

Designed by Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi, the Arctic Bath is inspired by the timber floating era, where trees felled in local forests were transported down river for processing. The hotel is located on the beautiful Lule River; it is free-floating during summer and frozen into the ice in winter. Resembling a bird’s nest, the circular shape of Arctic Bath will include a spa treatment room, four saunas, an outside cold bath, an inside hot bath, outside and inside showers, and two dressing rooms for the residents. The open centre of the bath provides for sunbathing, ice bathing and a perfect view for those who want to experience the northern lights or star-filled skies. Additionally, guests can spend a summer night in one of six separate floating hotel rooms. During winter months, you’ll enjoy those rooms incased in ice.

The Arctic Bath is scheduled to open in early 2018. Register on the Off the Map website to get notified when reservation becomes available.