For Vintage Car Lovers
Formawerx Era OpenSpec Car Key Collection

LA design studio Formawerx has long been creating stunning custom car keys — the problem is not many enthusiasts can enjoy them as they’re compatible with a limited amount of models such as classic Porsche 911s, the Land Rover Defender, the Mazda RX-7/MX-5, and the Nissan Skyline. Good news for those who have been following the brand and pining for a key, though, as Formawerx has just launched the Era OpenSpec key collection that works with most pre-2000s vehicles.

Three brand new key styles have been launched under the Era collection. The first is the PPF, which takes inspiration from weight-saving structures in cars, best demonstrated by the Powerplant frame support found in the Mazda Miata. The squarish DTM key draws references from European sports sedans of the 1980s that feature boxy fenders, bauhaus grill patterns, and wedge shapes. As for the VTEC, it’s a tribute to the Honda NSX, and is aimed squarely at the 90s JDM market.

Prices start at US $175, depending on materials. Buyers can use Formawerx’s in-house key duplicating service or have it cut at a local automotive locksmith. In addition to choosing silver or black stainless steel or titanium DLC-coated finish, personalised engraving and gift capsules are also offered in order to add a personal touch.