Folded Like Origami
Stilride 1

The art of origami lies in transforming a piece of paper into a 3D object, holding its shape through through folding and sculpting techniques. Swedish startup Stilride has created a light electric motorcycle using a unique manufacturing process inspired by this Japanese art form, and the concept has now been fully developed and is ready for production.

The concept of the Stilride 1 motorbike was first introduced back in 2020. Back then it was named ‘SUS 1’, an acronym for Sport Utility Scooter. The most innovative part of the motorcycle is the way the ultra-lightweight chassis is created. Through the in-house manufacturing process known as ‘Stilfold’, recycled steel sheet metal can be folded into different shapes by robotic arms — a process that can be compared to industrial origami. The process allows for more sustainable production with less waste, and the whole bike can be extremely lightweight at 130 kg, battery included.

Stilride 1 is powered by an air-cooled hub motor pushing 10.7 hp max and 280 Nm of peak torque, with a top speed of 100 km/h. The 51V/5.1-kWh lithium-ion battery pack can be fully charged in four hours and has a range of around 120 km. The saddle is equipped with its own suspension for ergonomic comfort, and features an upside-down fork, mono-shock rear suspension, and a digital display with app connectivity.

Priced at €15,000, each first edition Stilride 1 will be made-to-order in the company’s workshop in Stockholm with delivery expected in 2024. People who register their interest on the Stilride website now will have the opportunity to purchase the numbered “Limited Founders Edition” with black fenders and black details.