FLOS Shade Pendant Lights
Magically floats in midair.

Since Edison invented the light bulb in 1880, different styles of lighting products have penetrated our lives and became our living essential. Not only does it light up our lives, it also creates an ambience and has unwittingly become the center of attention within different spaces or roadside cafes. It then evolved into being one of the most important mediums in the development of industrial art.

Way before the community demanded for artistic home wares, FLOS which was founded in Italy during 1962 was already committed to the design of aesthetically pleasing, functional, and innovative lamps, which are made with different materials through heavy R&D processes. This included their product ‘Acro’ and the ‘Taraxacum’ series which was created with cocoons. The team has not only executed minimalistic and modern designs, it has also succeeded in achieving both quality and practicality with their products. The works they have produced in the 60’s are still loved by users now. Just like their latest release ‘Shade’, this suspended lighting product was created in collaboration with designer Paul Cocksedge and has subverted the traditional understanding people has of lamps.

Seemingly floating in mid-air, there are no bulbs within the shade. Instead it uses thin strings to hang the lamp shade from the ceiling, where light from the LED source on the ground is refracted back up to the floating shade. ‘Shade’ is plain on its own, but it has cleverly performed a magic trick for us. As if hanging between the sky and the ground, this floating light source appears like a surrealistic piece of art from outer space.