Floating On Air
Mag-Lev Audio

Electromagnetic levitation technology has been gradually applied to daily life over the last few years, through products such as skateboards, lighting and furnishings. Start-up company Mag-Lev Audio has just unveiled technology that now brings levitation to music with a turntable that suspends both the rotating platter and vinyl record in mid-air. Before you think of this is as merely a cosmetic flourish, the Mag-Lev’s floating platter helps eliminate mechanical vibration and thus enhances analogue sound quality. As a result, as one enjoys the undistorted reproduction of beautiful music, one also receives an unparalleled visually enhanced experience.

The initial appearance of the turntable resembles traditional phonograph design. The Mag-Lev arrives with a pre-fitted arm and stylus, with adjustable platter speeds of 33 rpm and 45 rpm. However, as the record begins to play, the initial three-point support of the turntable automatically retracts leaving the turntable suspended in midair. The Mag-Lev turntable has a built-in “UPS uninterruptible power supply” to prevent damage to the platter, stylus, and vinyl recording from a sudden loss of electricity.

Mag-Lev Audio is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and is expected to ship in June 2017.