Flagship Model In The Sea
Lexus LY 650

Lexus has announced the production of its first luxury yacht. Based on the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept, the Lexus LY 650 is a 65-foot yacht joining the LS sedan, LX SUV and LC coupé as the fourth Lexus flagship, which will be completed in 2019.

Lexus is keen on exploring new ways to deliver innovative and amazing experiences for their customers, so expanding beyond car manufacturing seems logical. The yacht is designed in a way that follows the brand’s language, L-finesse and crafted around the brand in every way, similar to any Lexus car. LY 650 is 65 feet long and 19 feet wide, much larger than the 42-foot concept yacht. Lexus is partnering with Marquis-Larson Boat Group who will be responsible for manufacturing, sales, and service of the yacht. Powered by either the Volvo IPS 1200 or Volvo IPS 1350 engine, the LY 650 features three staterooms, three heads on board and can sleep up to six people.