First EV From Bulgaria
Kinetik 07

Caterham’s range of track toys comes in various shapes and powers, yet the company hasn’t developed an electric version. Bulgaria’s Kinetik Automotive has taken up the chassis from Caterham and completed its own version of an electric sports car, which is also the very first full-electric car built in the country.

Dubbed Kinetik 07, the electric car doesn’t follow the root of Caterham/ Lotus but comes in its own style. Over 90% of the car is original and most of the exterior components are 3D-printed, meaning the company can offer a greater range of customisation even the production run is intended to be limited to just seven examples. Since the car is offered in an almost bespoke fashion, each example could vary in terms of specifications. While developed as track-focus, Kinetik 07 is also road legal. As a basis, the drivetrain delivers 644 hp and over 800 Nm and could hit 100 km/h from standstill in 2.7 seconds.