Ferrari FXX K
Maranello's finest unveils their latest weapon.

Ferrari’s new FXX K research and development vehicle was given a stunning world premiere during the recent Ferrari Finali Modiali celebrations in Abu Dhabi. A laboratory car based on Maranello’s first hybrid model, the FXX K was built unfettered by homologation and racing regulations, so as to guarantee an unprecedented driving experience utilising the kinetic energy recovery system, (the K in its moniker) to deliver the absolute maximum in on track performance to an exclusive group of Client-Test Drivers selected by Ferrari for a test program over the coming two years.

The FXX K features a 6262cc V12 with a redesigned intake manifolds, exhaust system, new camshafts, and a modified valve train with mechanical tappets resulting in 1050 cv (860 cv through the V12 and 190 by its electric motor) and a maximum torque of 900Nm.

The driver will be able to control the Manettino settings on the centre console from high-performance Qualifying, through Long Run, with Manual Boost for instant maximum torque delivery and Fast Charge for replenishment of the battery.

The FXX K ultimate focus will be to deliver maximum efficiency at every stage of every track lap through integrated aerodynamic and power mapping.