Your Own Ferrari V12
Terzo Dalia High Collection Modelling
TEXT | Ztephen Lee
edit | Richard Kelley, Henry Lau

Being an automotive enthusiast has never been easy; one of the greatest challenges that one must face is that there are just too many automotive collectables on the planet worthy of ownership. For instance, Italian scale-model makers Terzo Dalia has always been on our radar, because their work is simply irresistible.

Founded by father and son duo Terzo and Stefano Dalia, Terzo Dalia makes finely detailed limited edition models of Ferrari’s engines and bodywork. Their first ⅓ scale engine model was introduced during the 50th anniversary of Ferrari for the modelling competition “II mito di Ferrari nel modellismo” in 1997, which earned them the grand prize, beating out hundreds of top modellers from all around the world. Adding to the duo’s laurels, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the former President of Ferrari, became their first client when he requested to have a model to display in his office.


Terzo Dalia crafts their models with the same techniques and materials used by the Ferrari car factory. Shown here is a replica model of the legendary Ferrari 250 GT COMPETITION engine of the 60’s from their exquisite collection. Constructed with hand-formed sand casts of aluminium and stainless-steel, Terzo Dalia grind, polish and assemble the engine – built from more than 300 parts – by hand, without using any adhesives or plastics.

"Enzo Ferrari" ENGINE 1/3 Scale


Another piece from Terzo Dalia’s collection hanging serenely on our garage wall is the ⅓ scale Enzo Ferrari engine, a true masterpiece that represents one of the most powerful V12 engines in the world. The aluminium casting process is identical to that of the Ferrari factory. The engine features 12 cylinders, in a V65 configuration, with the longitudinal transmission assembly attached directly with the engine. This exquisite hand-assembled model is limited to 349 pieces.




Last but not least, is the 250 Testa Rossa “Chassis-Trellis”, an exact ⅓ scale reproduction of one of the most iconic Ferraris in history. A tribute to the memorable Ferrari Testa Rossa, this trellis is crafted with iron wires soldered without using glue or any adhesive, as was the process for the original. Just 50 chassis were assembled and numbered, using the same materials and equipment employed in the Ferrari manufacturing process. With the moulds all destroyed after production, each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

For sales enquiries of Terzo Dalia in Hong Kong, please contact:

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