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Bauer custom automotive artwork

Lasse Bauer of Bauer Artwork is an automotive illustrator who primarily creates bespoke art for car dealers, automakers, and automotive enthusiasts. Currently situated in Denmark, Bauer has over 30 years of experience in advertising as a senior art director, which might explain the versatility of his drawing technique. Having worked with various big names during his advertising days, and with artwork being commissioned by Ferrari, Audi Sport, and Le Mans racer Tom Kristensen, indeed Bauer’s portfolio showcases a broad spectrum of style. 

Some of Bauer’s more finely detailed prints are so realistic to the point that you might think you were looking at a photo instead of an illustration. His work also extends to retro-style posters from the last century, featuring simplified silhouettes and bright, solid colours.

As well as offering artwork from his existing portfolio as prints and posters, Bauer also immortalises individuals’ personal cars through unique, bespoke pieces of art. Check out his Instagram for more of his stunning work.