Fastest Electric Motorcycle
White Motorcycle Concepts WMC250EV

British company White Motorcycle Concepts has created a new electric motorcycle that aims to break the world electric land speed record.

Dubbed the WMC250EV, the prototype took two years to build and will be able to sprint to over 250 mph, hence the name. The extraordinary performance is the result of the revolutionary aerodynamics — company founder and CEO Rob White has 25 years of experience in world championship level motorsport engineering, having worked on projects for Formula 1 and Le Mans teams. White began conceiving plans for the motorcycle six years ago, and the new WMC250EV incorporates three patented technologies — V-Air, D-Drive, and F-Drive.

V-Air is the WMC’s low drag system that features a large duct at the centre of the motorbike — air is forced through the vehicle instead of around it. During the wind-tunnel testing at MIRA, the V-Air was proven to reduce the bike’s aerodynamic resistance by up to 70% when compared with its peers. The innovative design also allows a D-Drive motor to be fitted to the front wheel in order to harness regenerative braking energy, as is common on top-teir race cars. Lastly, the unique F-Drive final drive system can further boost power and enhance efficiency.

The lithium battery and the quad motors are fitted low down for better weight distribution, while the main body panels of the prototype are crafted in carbon fibre, which keeps the weight to approximately 300 kg. White intends to set a new British electric motorcycle speed record by himself this year, before conquering the world’s land speed record in Bolivia in 2022.